• Founded in 1991 in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Pioneers in fabrics, furnishing & all kinds of embroidered curtains in Egypt & the Arab world.
  • The company designs & markets its products of the finest fabrics and furnishings, which include velvet, print, silk, Chanel, jacquard, embroidered, classic & modern textiles & all kinds of embroidered curtains.
  • Creativity and quality play an important role in our success.


  • SASA launched in Cairo in 1991. It achieved great success due to its creative designs & high quality.
  • It is now the most leading producer of upholstery fabrics & embroidered curtains in Egypt.


  • Over 15 showrooms in Egypt. We aim to improve the reputation of the Egyptian industry. We have opened a showroom in Turkey & equipped our showrooms in Russia (Moscow) and we hope to expand worldwide.
  • Also exporting to Turkey, Russia & Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Algeria & Sudan.
  • We have a production capacity of up to 25,000 m2 per day.
  • Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards & quality raw materials used in all stages of production.
  • Our production lines are equipped with the latest embroidery machines & have the capacity to produce various fabrics embroidered with various colors of yarn such as organza, tulle, voile & linen.
  • SASA embroiders on a wide range of frequencies, offering the market unique design.
  • We have the latest in jacquard weaving machines that feature the latest technologies contributing to production speed.
  • Our production machines produce various upholstery including velvet, Chanel & cotton.
  • We have also a printing line that produces all colors of plain & printed fabrics to suit all styles. All our fabrics are characterized by high quality & great designs.